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I found CoScripter today at the Alphaworks site in the SOA & WebServices zone

I found this scripting language to be very helpful. Though in its early phase of development, its really impressive!

CoScripter is a system for recording, automating, and sharing business processes performed in a web browser such as printing photos online, requesting a vacation hold for postal mail, or checking a bank account balance. CoScripter lets you make a recording as you perform a procedure, play it back later automatically, and share it with your friends.

During my Experiments with using it, I felt there should have been following things

  1. Tab browsing
  2. Looping
  3. Calling scripts from other scripts.
  4. And may be browser support.. !?

I am sure the people at IBM Research must already know this, but still “my .002 (?) cents” in support for the same.

Currently un-supported features are listed here.

I am sure, any techie guy would surely love this feature.. at least to try out .

CoScripter is daam Cool! Give it a SHOT.. I am sure.. you would love it.

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Is this correct ?

Having SOA *stack* defeats the purpose of loose coupling itself ?


Regardless of the vendor, none has a so called *stack* where one could do a clean swap of components and thus achieve the flexibility and scalability !


Well, Standards with proprietary bindings !


Having a *stack* defeats the purpose of loose coupling itself.

Though, in some cases you could actually replace the components.. its very rare that you would see a re-mix of this SOA song.


MS is back !

During the recent past the IT industry has seen some innovative innovations 🙂

IBMSecond Life (?) / IBM’s Cell Processor’s.

AppleiPhone / iPod.

Microsoft – ? (Vista, Zune – it’s different story that they do not work together)

Google – ?

(Please help me fill in these question marks)

It seemed that Microsoft was falling behind in finding something ‘new’. But I was wrong. It seemed to be the silence before the storm.

MS is back! Back with a BANG.

Touch Screen Technology has finally evolved / matured .

Just have a look @ this from Microsoft. It’s called Microsoft Surface.

(Read an article from TechCrunch called Microsoft Announces Surface Computer. The comments to this post @ TechCrunch are worth reading.)

Imagine a Virtual World (Second Life) with Microsoft Surface and being able to use iPhone in Virtual Life and getting it synchronized with an iPod in First Life!

Playing Age of Empires on Surface with a Cell Processor. All Game for it.

This technology would further enhance the user experience, taking it to a new level. Imagine a porn movie on a Microsoft Surface in First Life 😉 .


Can Elephant’s fly ?

People who have read ‘ Who Say’s Elephant’s Can’t Dance’ will probably understand better.

Here is a good article from ‘ Financial Express’, which explains the growth story of IBM in India. Quite aptly titled as ‘ Hungry Tiger, dancing elephant’, the article dwells into the details of how IBM and India are very much interconnected in terms of their growth. It was good to notice Tiger being used for India. Earlier I could only see people using DRAGON a lot ! Well India is changing not only IBM’s world but the WORLD’s world ? And for better, that is for sure. What say ?

Some interesting facts about IBM business here also.


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<XML> </xml>

I came across a good article on xml being case sensitive.

A good article on

  1. KISS : Keep it Simple Stupid here.
  2. xKISS : XML Key Information Service Specification here.
  3. and what more are you looking for 😉 .

It’s something as simple as xml because of which SOA is possible ?

what do you think ?


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IBM and Linux

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WebSphere Message Broker

I wanted to know about the security capabilities of WMB.

if a particular node receives ENCRYPTED message. Can it handle that , say for content lookup ?

What capabilities does WMB have in respect to SECURITY ?

Any help ?

( I would post the answers once I find them. )

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

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