Building Extensions for Mozilla

Exploring how to develop extensions for Mozilla ?

Here is the article that would explain in depth about the steps to be followed for the same.

Building Extensions for Mozilla.

I was exploring this development for the first time. Was very heartening to see XUL : XML User-Interface Language.

XUL lets one build some really cool cross platform applications that are easily customizable with alternative test, graphics and layout. Someone who has prior knowledge about DHTML or even some basic scripting can just start building extensions for FireFox.

There is also a XUL Explorer – a tool that will help for the scripting.

The Extension development also has a cross-platform install facility which they call XPInstall – this provides a standard way to packaging XUL application components with an install script that Mozilla can download and execute.

Well, only thing I am concerned with that there should be no necessity to restart-FireFox after installing the extension.

Let’s make stuff where in we do not need to restart the (operating) system after a new component (software) is installed.

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