Is this correct ?

Having SOA *stack* defeats the purpose of loose coupling itself ?


Regardless of the vendor, none has a so called *stack* where one could do a clean swap of components and thus achieve the flexibility and scalability !


Well, Standards with proprietary bindings !


Having a *stack* defeats the purpose of loose coupling itself.

Though, in some cases you could actually replace the components.. its very rare that you would see a re-mix of this SOA song.



3 responses to “Is this correct ?

  1. I tend to disagree. Loose-coupling is an architectural term and independent of tools and technologies.

    You can have loosely coupled systems, in case of SOA – loosely coupled enterprise architecture and this would be independent of the stack – IBM or otherwise.

  2. Well.. the *stack* here was a PRODUCT stack.

    And it did not refer to the layers in an SOA.

    As for IBM it did not refer this :

    It rather referred :- something like you need to use only 2 products together. And that a product does not work with some other.

    (Well, this would rare I guess)

  3. I am not quite sure nishant, i doubt whether this is correct or not.

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