MS is back !

During the recent past the IT industry has seen some innovative innovations 🙂

IBMSecond Life (?) / IBM’s Cell Processor’s.

AppleiPhone / iPod.

Microsoft – ? (Vista, Zune – it’s different story that they do not work together)

Google – ?

(Please help me fill in these question marks)

It seemed that Microsoft was falling behind in finding something ‘new’. But I was wrong. It seemed to be the silence before the storm.

MS is back! Back with a BANG.

Touch Screen Technology has finally evolved / matured .

Just have a look @ this from Microsoft. It’s called Microsoft Surface.

(Read an article from TechCrunch called Microsoft Announces Surface Computer. The comments to this post @ TechCrunch are worth reading.)

Imagine a Virtual World (Second Life) with Microsoft Surface and being able to use iPhone in Virtual Life and getting it synchronized with an iPod in First Life!

Playing Age of Empires on Surface with a Cell Processor. All Game for it.

This technology would further enhance the user experience, taking it to a new level. Imagine a porn movie on a Microsoft Surface in First Life 😉 .



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