The Final Year Project ! !

Huh ! !

Was such an EXPERIENCE working on the Final Year Bachelor of Engineering Project !
We, i.e
Chinmay A Limaye – THE person ( people who know him very well know that there in no word to describe this person )
Niranjan Hasabnis – Again another THE i guess 🙂
Nikhil Firke – NO WORDS ! !
and myself worked at Persistent Systems Private Ltd. on Feature Enhancement of Asterisk PBX, and did some intresting ( meaning : Whatever , but not really the expected meaning ) work on IP based Private Branch Exchange..
i wont go into the technical details ( was there anything that we did technically ??? — better ask my partners because i do not think we did any ! )
ok ok.. so the journey began way back in January 2005… all set to form groups for the final year ! first i was gonna do project with Adish – Mwanko Mbuki
Saket – Jester
Amar – Infinity ! ( sister of Trinity ../ He is a guy )
but then things turn out that we get selected for interviews at GS labs.. but unfortunately do not clear it…
i get selected for Persistent .. and then we 4 do the so called project !
Meanwhile we did get selected at different places for interviews like Codito, Concepts… but then we decided to work at PSPL..
What an experience it was ! ???
After the event Impetus & Concepts we do regret to an extent for working at PSPL.
Not that we did not get recognition for the project.. but the overall experience was not as rewarding as it was for our fellowmates…
we ( Nikhil , me and Nirya ) did try for projects on N/W and O.S. related stuff.. but … Neway…
We would have very well liked to be getting some offers from SMALL companies.. Remember we did get recognition… but not the way we wanted …
We learned a LOT in terms of working on a project and some issues of dealing with THE MAN ( Chinmay ) but . .. at the back of mind there still is that unsatsfied self .
( i do plan to put my words together and then write about THE MAN soon…. )


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