The Common Man-

Saw an intresting movie “DOMBIVALI FAST”

Director: Nishikant Kamat
Language: Marathi.

A story of a common man who loses his sanity in the everyday rut of life.
The story of Madhav Apte, the film’s protagonist who travels by the Dombivli fast everyday, is a tale which a common man can easily identify with.
An honest middle-class banker, Apte, disgusted with the system, loses his sanity and takes it upon himself to set things right, resorting to violent ways, thereby causing tension and strife to his wife and kids.
Great acting skills being portrayed again by none other than Sandeep Kulkarni (Dr.Sane in Shwaas) and all the other co-actors.
A hard but true view of the way the common man lives his life ..
watch the movie and you can understand it better..
Though the hero ( common-man ) in the film, is forced to take action against the system in a voilent way, ultimately to be remembered only in the police records..
is there no way that one can change the ongoing things..?

yes yes yes.. individuals need to change themselves ..

Let’s begin..

atleast give it a try once..


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